Beating OpenAI - LLM Accuracy & RAG Benchmark with CustomGPT, Tonic and MIT







About the event Recently Outperformed OpenAI for Answer Accuracy in RAG benchmark. Join us as industry experts dive into the crucial importance of answer accuracy for business and why benchmarks matter. You'll gain insights from: Insights on Accuracy: Hear from Alden DoRosario, Founder, CEO of as he discusses the recent benchmark and why answer quality is critical for businesses. In-depth Benchmark Insights:

Learn about's rigorous benchmark methodology and approach for measuring accuracy with Adam Kamor, Co-Founder, Head of Engineering of Real-world Impact: Listen as MIT's Doug Williams discusses how MIT leveraged and selected it because of its highly accurate responses. The session, expertly moderated by industry thought leader Bret Kinsella, CEO, Founder of, promises to be engaging and full of insights for businesses.

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