GAI Insights Learning lab: CustomGPT with OpenAI ChatGPT







About the event

In this meeting, the GAI Insights learning lab discusses the concept and functionality of CustomGPT, which allows users to create personalized versions of ChatGPT with specific knowledge and databases. CEO Alden Do Rosario demonstrates how to build a CustomGPT by inputting custom instructions and data, showcasing the tool's flexibility in incorporating user-specific information. The discussion also touches on security concerns and the potential for creating both useful and malicious GPTs.

Key insights:

  • CustomGPT allows the integration of specific databases and knowledge, tailored by user instructions.
  • It can perform internet-based tasks through actions, showing potential for extensive application integrations.
  • Security and control over content remain concerns, as CustomGPT can potentially be used to create harmful or deceptive content.

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