How Elizabeth Planet built her own AI Agent using CustomGPT







About the event

In this detailed demonstration, Elizabeth Planet, an industry expert, explores the functionality of CustomGPT for non-profits, showcasing how the tool can be customized with specific knowledge bases and documents to serve targeted information needs. CustomGPT allows users to upload data such as PDFs, enriching the AI's ability to provide specific and accurate responses. The demonstration highlights both the potential and the limitations of the tool, especially in terms of data security and the breadth of information it can handle effectively.

Key insights include:

  • CustomGPT can be tailored with specific data sets, allowing it to serve as a personalized information resource.
  • The tool's effectiveness is dependent on the quality and range of data provided, with more comprehensive data sets yielding more capable responses.
  • Issues related to data security and the scope of accessible information are significant, as the tool must balance accessibility with the protection of sensitive data.

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