MIT Deploys with their Own Data







About the event

In a LinkedIn live event, Paul Baier of GAI insights moderates a panel discussion featuring Doug Willaims from MIT and Alden Do Rosario from CustomGPT, focusing on the implementation and benefits of no-code large language models in solving business problems. They showcased a case study from MIT's Martin Trust Center for Entrepreneurship, which used Custom GPT to enhance access to a vast array of entrepreneurial resources. The goal was to simplify user interaction with the center's resources through a chatbot interface, ensuring the chatbot delivered reliable and accurate information without creating or assuming data.

  • MIT implemented a chatbot using CustomGPT to streamline access to extensive entrepreneurial resources, ensuring all information provided was accurate and trustworthy.
  • The chatbot significantly improved user experience by providing a centralized point of access for all related content, making navigation and resource utilization more efficient.
  • By employing a no-code solution, MIT was able to deploy this technology quickly and without the need for extensive technical resources, focusing instead on enhancing the user interface and integrating reliable data sources.

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