Personalized AI for Profit: Selling Your Own CustomGPT







About the event

In Episode 17 of the AI Advantage Show, hosts Colin and Kim discuss the relevance and benefits of using CustomGPT for businesses, particularly in providing competitive advantages to marketers, innovators, and AI enthusiasts. The discussion includes a technical glitch with a guest's connection but quickly moves on to highlight the significant potential of customizable GPTs in 2024. The webinar features, Alden Do Rosario, CEO of CustomGPT, an emerging leader in generative AI, emphasizing how his company aids businesses in leveraging AI effectively.

  • Custom GPT allows businesses to create no-code, personalized chatbots that utilize their specific data, improving customer interaction and service.
  • Alden shared insights on implementing AI securely in businesses, stressing the importance of starting with publicly available data to minimize risks and compliance issues.
  • The episode highlights the business and operational efficiency that CustomGPT brings, such as automating customer service to reduce ticket handling times and using AI-driven chatbots for internal employee assistance.

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