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MIT Entrepreneurship Center: Creating Generative AI For Entrepreneurs

Use Case

Interactive Knowledge Retrieval




Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States


Data Integration


Web Deployment



Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


"The CustomGPT platform has enabled us to create ChatMTC, a generative AI solution for entrepreneurs to easily access knowledge based on the deep entrepreneurship resources available at MIT."

- Doug Williams, Product Lead, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship


  • Create AI on a secure and stable platform
  • Train the AI on large amounts of knowledge across multiple data sources and formats
  • Get hallucination-free responses
  • Easily integrate the AI on their website


  • Upload a vast amount of knowledge
  • Create a custom “one-stop shop” AI persona
  • Embed the chatbot directly on their website


  • Hallucination-free responses informed by their unique knowledge base
  • Replies in seconds, available 24/7
  • Knowledge accessible in 90+ languages, instantly
  • Integrated right on their homepage

About MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the world’s top universities and institutions for advanced education and research – especially in the areas of engineering, computer science, and advanced technology. MIT focuses on making the world a better place through education, research, and innovation.

Within MIT, The Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship (MTC) seeks to advance knowledge and educate students in innovation-driven entrepreneurship designed to serve the world in the 21st century.

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MIT's Goals

The Martin Trust Center envisions a world of globally democratized entrepreneurial knowledge. To help make this vision a reality, they were looking for a solution that could bring together MIT’s comprehensive entrepreneurial knowledge bases, spread across multiple repositories and document formats. Ultimately, they hoped to leverage the latest AI technologies to disseminate their vast entrepreneurial knowledge in a natural and highly usable manner.

“For the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, we needed a Generative AI platform that would provide trustworthy responses based on our own data. We chose the CustomGPT solution because of its scalable data ingestion platform which enabled us to bring together knowledge of entrepreneurship across multiple knowledge bases at MIT, and for its accurate responses using the latest ChatGPT technologies, along with a solution to avoid any hallucination problems. The CustomGPT platform has enabled us to create ChatMTC, a generative AI solution for entrepreneurs to easily access knowledge based on the deep entrepreneurship resources available at MIT.”


Product Lead, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

MIT's Approach

The Martin Trust Center needed to ensure that the responses provided by their AI solution were accurate and hallucination-free (that means no made-up responses).

After some research, they found and tested CustomGPT. The team uploaded entrepreneurial knowledge found in various formats, including documents, help desk repositories, and even Youtube videos. They then instructed the AI to act as a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs to find opportunities, events, resources, classes and connect with the community. 

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MIT's Results

Despite the behemoth task of compiling their entire entrepreneurial knowledge base, the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship was able to quickly build a secure and anti-hallucinatory AI that immediately answers budding entrepreneurs’ most pressing questions.

Their solution, deemed “ChatMTC”, answers questions for entrepreneurs in a natural and conversational manner utilizing all the knowledge contained across a variety of MIT’s rich entrepreneurship resources. Most importantly, ChatMTC provides accurate responses based solely on MIT’s knowledge base, thanks to CustomGPT’s proprietary anti-hallucination technology.

Now, MTC’s vast knowledge is retrievable right on their homepage, available 24/7, accessible in seconds, and instantly translated across 90+ languages.

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Want to check out MIT’s ChatMTC? Visit and try sending your own query!

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