Non-Techies Use CustomGPT

Nonprofit Consultant: Building an Accurate AI Chatbot - Without Any Code

Use Case

Interactive Knowledge Retrieval




Data Integration, Anti-Hallucination, Citations, No-Code Platform

“I added a couple of trusted sources to the chatbot and the answers improved tremendously!”

- Elizabeth Planet, Nonprofit Leadership Coach and Advisor,


  • Make extensive nonprofit resources accessible and user-friendly
  • Share knowledge in an engaging way
  • Use technology to facilitate knowledge sharing
  • Create broader impact


  • Took advantage of easy-to-use, no-code platform
  • Uploaded a large archive of information
  • Instructed AI to act as a specialized knowledge base


  • Developed an AI tool tailored for the nonprofit sector
  • Generated accurate responses with source citations
  • Observed continuous improvement of the tool

About Elizabeth Planet

Elizabeth Planet is a seasoned leadership coach and advisor in the nonprofit sector. Further, she holds certifications from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Hogan Assessments. With a background in law, she brings over 15 years of high-level management expertise to her role, specializing in steering mission-focused organizations towards success and impact.

She began her professional journey at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett in New York, focusing on public and private mergers and acquisitions. Renowned for her ability to devise and execute growth strategies for organizations with a mission-driven ethos, Elizabeth earned her JD from Columbia University, her BA from Yale University, and is admitted to practice law in New York.

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Elizabeth Planet's Goals

Elizabeth wanted to make her extensive library of resources more accessible and interactive for organizations in the nonprofit sector. She needed a way to share her knowledge without overwhelming users with too much dense information, and was looking for an AI-driven solution that could facilitate easy access and engagement with her materials.

“You can rely on the responses it gives you because its only pulling from [curated] information.”

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Nonprofit Leadership Coach and Advisor,​

Elizabeth Planet's Approach

Initially, Elizabeth experimented with various tools, but faced challenges due to their overly complex and technical interfaces. She eventually discovered CustomGPT, which not only seemed well-suited for accessing and sharing her archive of information, but also required little to no technical knowledge to use. She easily uploaded a significant number of PDFs and resources, training the AI on her own data. Most importantly, Elizabeth also incorporated sitemaps from top nonprofit resources to supercharge the AI’s nonprofit-specific knowledge base.

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Elizabeth Planet's Results

When everything was said and done, Elizabeth had created a user-friendly, public-facing, and free-to-use tool, specifically tailored to the nonprofit sector. Deemed “NonprofitAMA”, her CustomGPT-powered tool allows users to interact with a vast array of nonprofit resources and information. It consistently provides accurate, reliable responses along with citations to its many sources. Building an AI chatbot with CustomGPT has allowed her to share poignant educational resources, thus empowering those in the nonprofit sector with constant and instant access to reliable information.

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