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i4ANeYe: Prototyping an AI Minimum Viable Product​

Use Case



AI Development


Data Integration, Anti-Hallucination, No-Code Platform, Custom Persona

“The CustomGPT Persona feature allowed us to tailor the AI, ensuring it aligned seamlessly with our vision and the intricacies of the Epiphany Engine. Building our prototype was not just faster but more intuitive.”

- Matt Belanger, Founder, i4ANeYe


  • Develop a novel AI Core Model
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Attract investor interest


  • Integrate data from diverse sources
  • Customize the ‘Persona’ feature
  • Utilize anti-hallucination
  • Rapidly prototype


  • Built astounding advanced prototype
  • Achieved efficient, cost-effective development
  • On the verge of a major funding deal

About i4ANeYe

i4ANeYe is a pioneering enterprise dedicated to unlocking the potential of both organic and artificial general intelligence through the process of Perspective Evolution. Led by visionary founder Matt Belanger, i4ANeYe strives to empower any and all individuals to explore the depths of their own thought processes, exposing the intricacies of how life experiences and conscious principles relate.

Their flagship innovation, the EPIPHANY Engine, represents the next evolution of the search engine. Through the Universal Axiom, the EPIPHANY Engine allows you to dissect and analyze your impulses, elements, and pressure. i4ANeYe is dedicated to the concept of “Conscious Physics” and aims to redefine the way information is explored and processed.

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i4ANeYe's Goals

The primary goal for i4ANeYe was to develop a novel foundational AI core model, capable of processing information in a unique, nature-inspired way. With industry giants like Bloomberg demonstrating just how much bespoke AI development can cost, i4ANeYe faced the challenge of creating an inexpensive and innovative solution without the luxury of massive funding. Their objective was to build a prototype that could attract investor interest, demonstrating both the functionality and potential of their AI model.

To make the EPIPHANY Engine a reality, i4ANeYe had two options: 1. They could eat the cost and build their own LLM or 2. They could use an existing, low-code solution to build a low-cost prototype.

“Using CustomGPT’s unique platform was a game-changer for i4ANeYe. But what truly set it apart for us was the Persona feature. It allowed us to tailor the AI, ensuring it aligned seamlessly with our vision and the intricacies of the Epiphany Engine. Building our prototype was not just faster but more intuitive, capturing the essence of our brand and the depth of our insights.”


Founder, i4ANeYe

i4ANeYe's Approach

While CustomGPT’s robust data integration features allowed i4ANeYe to integrate various data sources into their AI model, the most influential feature by far was the customizable “Persona”. Meticulously customizing and tweaking the Persona was crucial for i4ANeYe, as it enabled the development of a prototype that aligned with their vision (such as integrating the principles of Conscious Physics and Perspective Evolution).

Further, CustomGPT’s anti-hallucination protocols ensured that the AI responses were tethered to factual information – critical for guaranteeing that the EPIPHANY Engine provides accurate and reliable introspective analysis and processing of information, all the time.

The no-code aspect of CustomGPT gave i4ANeYe the ability to quickly prototype and iterate the EPIPHANY proof of concept, allowing them to develop a minimum viable product ready to show off to potential investors.

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i4ANeYe's Results

By leveraging the Persona feature, Matt Belanger and i4ANeYe rapidly and effectively developed a chatbot prototype that went beyond basic functionality to truly resonate with users. This resonance sent ripples through the community, extending far beyond the initial audience, and captured the attention of the investment community.

The investor interest was immediate and significant, aided by i4ANeYe’s ability to put out a time- and cost-effective AI model. The accurate, context-specific responses, not only highlighted the prototype's immediate capabilities but also illuminated its immense potential for practical, real-world applications. The result? At the time of this writing, i4ANeYe is on the brink of securing a substantial funding deal.

In a competitive startup environment, where capturing investor interest and securing funding is a formidable challenge, the ability to swiftly transform a concept into an impressive and tangible prototype is invaluable.

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