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Levin Labs: Innovating Scientific Communication with AI Integration

Use Case

Interactive Knowledge Retrieval




Data Integration, Anti-Hallucination, Web Deployment, UX Customization

“omg finally, I can retire! A high-school student made this chat-bot trained on our papers and presentations”

- Dr. Michael Levin, Scientist, Tufts University


  • Enhance the Levin Lab website’s interactivity and accessibility
  • Offer an engaging platform for diverse audiences to interact with complex scientific content
  • Develop an AI tool reflecting Levin Lab’s intellectual essence that provides accurate responses


  • Train AI on extensive scientific research papers, talks, and principles
  • Customize the tool’s aesthetics for seamless website integration
  • Utilize anti-hallucination for trustworthiness


  • Revolutionized Levin Lab’s digital interaction, offering 24/7 global accessibility
  • Delivered detailed, reliable answers, enhancing traditional FAQs
  • Showcased as a prime example of scientific innovation in AI
  • Paved the way for future AI applications in academic and research communication

About Levin Lab

Dr. Levin, a distinguished researcher at Tufts University, leads the Levin Lab, a pioneering center at the forefront of developmental biology, artificial life, and cognitive science. The lab's work focuses on understanding the emergent properties of cognition across various forms of life, from cellular networks to synthetic life forms. With a particular emphasis on developmental bioelectricity, the lab explores how cells and tissues communicate and make decisions, contributing to the formation and healing of complex biological structures.

Dr. Levin and his team's groundbreaking research extends beyond traditional biological boundaries, integrating concepts from bioengineering and computer science to uncover the fundamental principles of life and intelligence. This innovative approach not only advances scientific knowledge but also has profound implications for biomedicine, offering new insights into the nature and potential of living systems.

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Levin Lab's Goals

Dr. Levin sought to enhance the accessibility and interactivity of his lab's in-depth knowledge by providing students, researchers, and the curious public with a platform where they could engage directly with his lab's extensive research on developmental biophysics, computer science, and cognitive science.

He hoped to create a tool that could not only offer detailed, accurate answers to complex scientific queries, but also embody the aesthetic and intellectual essence of the Levin Lab.

“omg finally, I can retire! A high-school student made this chat-bot trained on our papers and presentations”


Scientist, Tufts University

Levin Lab's Approach

In collaboration with Alden and Rui Do Rosario, Dr. Levin embarked on creating LevinBot, an interactive knowledge retrieval agent meticulously trained on Levin Lab's comprehensive database (including research papers, talks, and the lab's philosophical approach to science).

The core of LevinBot was powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, ensuring advanced language understanding and generation capabilities. CustomGPT's UX Customization features tailored the chatbot to align with Dr. Levin's specific aesthetic requirements, ensuring seamless integration as a widget on the lab's website.

LevinBot's ability to cite sources addressed the critical need for accuracy in scientific communication, greatly contributing to its credibility as a distributor of Levin Lab's scientific knowledge.

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Levin Lab's Results

LevinBot transformed the Levin Lab's online presence. Users across the globe can now interact with LevinBot 24/7, asking complex scientific questions and receiving well-sourced, accurate answers in over 90 languages.

Significantly augmenting the standard FAQs section of their website, LevinBot provides a more dynamic and conversational user experience. Instead of poring over the source material for hours, users can get answers to their most pressing scientific questions in just a few seconds.

The chatbot's deployment has not only satisfied the lab's immediate needs but also positioned LevinBot as a shining example of CustomGPT's capabilities. Regularly featured at conferences and live demos, LevinBot illustrates the potential of CustomGPT in academic and research settings.

LevinBot has not only enhanced the accessibility of the Levin Lab's work but also stands as a testament to the practical and innovative applications of AI in academia, paving the way for future endeavors in AI-driven knowledge dissemination.

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