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GPT Legal: An AI Implementation for Dominican Law

Use Case

Interactive Knowledge Retrieval


Legal Services


Data Integration, Anti-Hallucination, Web Deployment, Security, Sitemap Integration, Citations, No-Code Platform, Custom Persona, Livechat Embedding

GPTLegal has revolutionized the legal sector in the Dominican Republic by providing rapid, accurate responses without the risk of misinformation. Their services have become widely accessible, benefiting a broad range of applications within the legal industry, while also generating revenue for the GPTLegal team.

Gilberto Objio - Founder of GPTLegal


  • Adapt a LMM to meet Dominican Specific Legal Needs
  • Train the AI on large amounts of historical and current laws, statutes, and regulations
  • Get hallucination-free responses
  • Create an accessible and easy-to-use platform


  • Upload a vast amount of Dominican legal texts
  • Train the model, develop its persona
  • Embed the chatbot directly on their website
  • Take advantage of the no-code platform


  • Hallucination-free and lighting-fast responses
  • Employed for a variety of applications throughout the legal sector.
  • Generated income for GPTLegal team
  • Provided widely accessible legal services across the Dominican Republic

About GPT Legal

Gilberto Objio's goal when he first sought to develop GPT legal was to combine the power of a Large Language Model (LLM) with the Dominican Republic legal system to create an all-in-one legal resource for top law representatives in the Dominican. At the same time, he was all too aware of the stigma around AI in his home country. Mr. Objio wanted GPT Legal to break boundaries around law and AI to make legal knowledge accessible and instantly available for people across his home country.

Mr. Objio has worked on a variety of cases, from civil, criminal, and medical malpractice. Mr. Objio has been involved in several high-profile cases both in Constitutional Court and Superior Administrative Court and acted as a consultant for international arbitration litigation on behalf of institutions of the Dominican State. He obtained his Law Degree and Master's Degree in civil procedure from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra.

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GPT Legal's Goals

GPT Legal pursued a digital solution for residents of the Dominican Republic to service as many legal questions as possible. Mr. Objio recognized that artificial intelligence tech in the legal sector had been growing for several years. GPT Legal faced the challenge of creating a digital law service that was widely accessible, multi-lingual, and most importantly, affordable.

“CUSTOMGPT has been a pivotal tool in the success of, revolutionizing legal services through the integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies. Initially constrained by technological limitations, GPTLEGAL has evolved to offer immediate and efficient access to crucial legal information.”

“Looking ahead, we aim to expand our legal knowledge database and encourage collaborative efforts across projects, thereby enhancing the precision and depth of our responses. Additionally, CUSTOMGPT significantly lowers both costs and barriers to implementation.”

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GPT Legal Founder

GPT Legal's Approach

The initial process of adopting CustomGPT into Mr. Objio's already-established legal framework was quite simple. Gilberto credits CustomGPT for its “ease of use and deployment” as well as its large capacity for embedding files and data.

Mr. Objio divided the project into three distinct phases: data collection, model training and adaption, and validation and testing. Utilizing a massive data set of historical and current legal texts plus his proprietary legal knowledge, Mr. Objio began to train his CustomGPT bot to handle an assortment of legal queries. This model was trained on this data until it started producing language that was virtually indistinguishable from real Dominican legal texts.

Mr. Objio emphasized the critical importance for legal professionals to provide well-founded legal advice, and the significant risks associated with potential inaccuracies, including harm to reputation. The final result is GPT legal, a legal language model that can be used in countless applications across the Dominican legal system.

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GPT Legal's Results

Since the inception of GPTLegal in early September, the bot has received and answered over 19,000 legal questions. The website welcomes over 5,000 monthly visitors just in the Dominican Republic. With over 2000 members and 50 paying subscribers, GPT Legal is breaking boundaries and bringing accessible legal services to Domincans across the country.

Gilberto largely attributes GPT legals Success to CustomGPT's implementation of a sophisticated Large Language Model (LLM) systems, complemented by Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technology, ensuring dependable outcomes. 

In the coming years, Mr. Objio hopes GPT Legal will be adopted across the Dominican Republic and become a staple instrument in the country's legal system.

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