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Revolutionizing Regulatory Compliance with The Tokenizer

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Business Assistant


Legal Services


Data Integration, Anti-Hallucination, Web Deployment, Security, Sitemap Integration

When working with regulatory and legal information, accuracy and trustworthiness is extremely important. Hence, CustomGPT's strong focus on anti-hallucination was more important to me than anything else.

- Michael Juul Rugaard , Co-founder and CEO of The Tokenizer


  • Enable real-time regulatory information access.
  • Simplify navigation through complex legal data.
  • Improve user interaction with regulatory databases.


  • Integrate CustomGPT’s algorithms for data interpretation.
  • Employ user-centric features for ease of use.
  • Transform legal texts into clear insights.


  • Immediate, precise regulatory insights
  • Complex legal landscapes made simple
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Hallucination-free legal responses

About The Tokenizer

In the extraordinarily dynamic world of asset tokenization and digital assets, The Tokenizer, a global data, information, and news platform, embarked on a mission to simplify its industry's regulatory landscape. Under the leadership of its Danish CEO and Co-founder, Michael Juul Rugaard, The Tokenizer has evolved into a thought leader in the industry, with the launch of The Token RegRadar. This groundbreaking GPT tool, created to navigate the complexities of global regulations, signifies a key advancement in making token compliance accessible for industry professionals.

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The Tokenizer's Goals

The journey began with an ambitious goal: create a tool that could effortlessly scan and interpret regulatory changes across 80+ jurisdictions worldwide. The Tokenizer team recognized the need for clarity in the rapidly evolving tokenization sector early on and devoted three years to building a comprehensive, domain-specific database. This massive collection of legal information laid the groundwork for what would become a revolutionary regulatory tool.

“Based on our huge database, which we have built up over the past three years, and in close cooperation with CustomGPT, we have launched this amazing regulatory service, which both law firms and a wide range of industry professionals in our space will benefit greatly from.”

Michael Juul Rugaard Nov18 005

Co-founder and CEO, of The Tokenizer

The Tokenizer's Approach

Before its partnership with CustomGPT, The Tokenizer struggled with the limitations of conventional search tech. The early versions of The Token RegRadar lacked the sophistication needed to bring the vast database to life. The Tokenizer details how users desired an intelligent, user-friendly interface that could simplify the challenging task of regulatory research. Enter CustomGPT: a partner that not only understood The Tokenizer's vision but also had the technology and experience to make it a reality. CustomGPT's commitment to accuracy and its innovative anti-hallucination feature was precisely what The Tokenizer needed to elevate its service.

The integration of CustomGPT transformed The Token RegRadar into a dynamic, interactive tool that professionals could rely on. CustomGPT's algorithms and user-focused features allowed for instant access to regulatory information; turning complicated legal landscapes into clear, navigable pathways.

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The Tokenizer's Results

The collaboration between The Tokenizer and CustomGPT has led to significant improvements in how legal professionals, regulatory bodies, and businesses approach compliance. The Token RegRadar has become an essential asset, saving countless hours of research and ensuring that compliance is no longer a major barrier. This tool has redefined the standards of regulatory research, setting a new benchmark for accuracy, efficiency, and user experience.

The success story of The Token RegRadar is a perfect testimonial to the power of collaboration in addressing complex industry challenges. As The Token RegRadar continues to expand its coverage and refine its features, it stands as an industry-leading model for the future of regulatory tech. The partnership between The Tokenizer and CustomGPT is more than just a technical achievement; it's a strategic alliance that is shaping the future of compliance in the digital asset space. 

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