Small Business Bootcamp Uses CustomGPT

NITRO! Bootcamp worked with CustomGPT to enhance over 30 of its partner small businesses with AI chatbots in under 90 minutes.

Use Case

Customer Service


Small Business


Data Integration, Anti-Hallucination, No-Code Platform, Custom Persona

“[NITRO!] highlights include building nearly 60 customer service bots for over 30 minority small businesses.”

- Miyah Byrd, Writer, Soapbox Media


  • AI Enable 30+ minority-owned small businesses in <90 mins
  • Empower the businesses to achieve high growth in 6 months


  • Create sitemaps for each business
  • Create “Growth Assistant” Personas
  • Create “Customer Service Agent” Personas
  • Teach and educate owners for future success


  • Built ~60 chatbots for 30+ businesses
  • Businesses experienced immediate customer service and business strategy benefits

About NITRO! Bootcamp

NITRO! Bootcamp, presented by Cintrifuse, is a program focused on educating and empowering underserved minority and women-owned small business owners. Scheduled for November 18th, 2023, the bootcamp’s main goal is to teach participants how to use technology to scale and sustain their businesses. The curriculum covers a range of topics, including generative AI, digital platform optimization, and alternative funding sources. The program is committed to driving economic growth and innovation in the Greater Cincinnati region. For more information, visit the NITRO! Bootcamp website.

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NITRO! Bootcamp's Goals

On top of providing business owners with access to and classes on how to take advantage of popular business software services like Canva, Wix, and Cyfe, NITRO! looked to CustomGPT to teach and provide the participants with a generative AI solution that they could take advantage of immediately. Neither NITRO! nor CustomGPT had attempted this before, so their objective was to forge a new path to AI-Success in a “bootcamp” setting. Ninety minutes was set aside at the end of the event for all thirty business owners to gather around and learn how they could build AI chatbots using their unique company information.

As such, NITRO! and CustomGPT had a question to answer: How the heck were they going to set up over thirty businesses with about sixty chatbots in an hour and a half?

“Amari Samya, owner of SelfieCincy, volunteered for an in-person demonstration of CustomGPT. The workshop facilitator, Christopher Brock, used this tool to scan her business’ website and rewrite the copy with SEO-tailored keywords. He then sent the revised copy to her. The process took about 5 minutes.”

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Writer, Soapbox Media

NITRO! Bootcamp's Approach

By working closely with all thirty of the businesses, CustomGPT and NITRO! created an “AI Developers Kit” customized to the needs of each of the participating businesses. This Dev. Kit was filled with a myriad of useful guides, tips, and resources that would help each business owner get the most out of CustomGPT, both during the initial training session and beyond the conclusion of the boot camp.

Each business was provided with a sitemap of their website, a custom “Growth Assistant” Persona (developed using the unique specifications of their businesses), as well as a “Customer Service” prototype Persona (which they could adjust to meet their specific needs). The Kit was also accompanied by “Prompting Tips for Growth” derived from NITRO!’s model and framework for business growth.  

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NITRO! Bootcamp's Results

When all was said and done, every single business present was able to use the AI Developer Kit to create multiple instances of their own, custom AI-powered chatbots. Most businesses took advantage of both the “Customer Service Agent” and “Growth Assistant” Personas, and some even created a third Persona catered to their use case (for example, one business created a chatbot that writes custom DALL-E prompts based on their unique business information). A particularly interesting use case emerged when one business owner (a publisher) had the idea to use the personality of one of his book’s characters as inspiration for his chatbot’s personality and attitude. 

The NITRO! participants will reconvene a few months into 2024 to discuss the ways that their new business software, including CustomGPT, has positioned them to achieve high growth going into the future.

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