Education Startup Uses CustomGPT

AI Ace: Securing a $1.2M Valuation by Creating the Future of Education

Use Case

Interactive Knowledge Retrieval




Data Integration, Anti-Hallucination, Security, Custom Persona

“AI Ace is already trained on the book, knows the answer to the question, and will give the right answer!”

- Leon Niederberger, Founder, AI Ace


  • Outperform existing AI chatbots in education
  • Provide correct answers with citations to academic resources
  • Enhance learning with relevant, reliable AI assistance


  • Intensively train the AI on textbook content
  • Develop a student-friendly tutor Persona
  • Deploy to the student community


  • Surpassed ChatGPT-4 in accuracy and helpfulness
  • Won Best Undergraduate Start-Up award at IE University
  • Secured a $1.2 million valuation

About AI Ace

AI Ace’s story starts in October of 2023, when Leon Niederberger, a student at IE Business School Madrid, used CustomGPT to program an AI-powered tutor for his macroeconomics midterm. After training it on the course’s content and sharing it with his friends, Leon’s AI tutor spread like wildfire.

Within three days, the tutor had seen and answered 1,750 questions from over 300 students. Ever the entrepreneur, Leon knew he was on to something.

Recruiting fellow student Danil Galkin as his CTO, the pair went straight to work on transforming Leon’s CustomGPT tutor from a small experiment into a full blown business.

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AI Ace's Goals

AI Ace was conceptualized with a clear vision – to outperform existing AI chatbots like ChatGPT in educational settings. 

Leon and Danil aimed to create a chatbot that not only provided correct answers, but also included citations to professorial resources or textbooks, ensuring a more relevant and reliable learning experience.

“If you want to achieve a similar output with ChatGPT, you will have to research each chapter and copy the format and the deadline into ChatGPT-4. AI Ace will only create questions regarding the midterm topics due to its training on the course content, while ChatGPT searches the internet for related keywords and then, based on this, creates questions. That results in a student studying topics that are not even covered in the midterm!”


Founder, AI Ace

AI Ace's Approach

The development of AI Ace was a meticulous process. Leon and Danil focused on training the bot extensively on textbook content to ensure its proficiency in academic subjects. 

They crafted a unique tutor persona for the AI, tailoring its responses to be more student-friendly and educational. 

The deployment phase saw AI Ace seamlessly integrating into the student community, quickly becoming an indispensable tool for learning.

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AI Ace's Results

AI Ace’s impact was immediate and profound. It demonstrated an unparalleled ability to answer questions more accurately and helpfully than other generative AI solution.

Leon and Danil’s success was not just in user numbers, but also in recognition – AI Ace won the prestigious Best Undergraduate Start-Up award from IE University and secured a valuation of $1.2 million.

This monumental achievement underlined the immense potential of AI in transforming educational experiences.

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