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Aslan AI: Revolutionizing Economic Insights with Generative AI

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Interactive Knowledge Retrieval


AI Development


Paris, France


Custom Persona


Data Integration

UX Customization


Paris, France


“CustomGPT is way simpler for me or my team as opposed to an ad hoc development integrating OpenAI API. The user interface and persona features are where I spend most of my time.”

- Sébastien Laye, Founder, Aslan AI


  • Use AI to answer detailed economic queries
  • Develop a low-cost solution
  • Streamline workflows
  • Validate the economic feasibility of AI in business projects


  • Prioritize data curation, prompting, and persona development
  •  Leverage FAQs and customer support to enhance scalability
  • Utilize user-friendly interface to maximize efficiency


  • Built and launched EcoBot (3 million words of knowledge) in one week
  • Provided instant, interactive answers to complex economic queries
  • Confirmed the viability of AI in business applications
  • Launched Aslan AI

About Sébastien Laye and Aslan AI

Sébastien Laye is a dynamic French-American entrepreneur and economist with a passion for integrating advanced AI solutions into various sectors. He embarked on his AI journey with the creation of www.sebastienlayeecobot.com, an innovative chatbot project developed on the CustomGPT platform.

This chatbot, a unique educational tool, is trained on a comprehensive database of Sébastien's articles, books, and his appearances in TV and radio interviews over the years. Primarily serving the French market, it offers insightful economic education and is also utilized by media professionals.

In October, Sébastien expanded his vision with the launch of Aslan AI, an AI advisory firm dedicated to guiding clients in developing their AI Knowledge Management products. Aslan AI specializes in sectors like education, legal, and media, offering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Additionally, Sébastien is actively involved in pioneering US-centric AI projects, particularly in the fitness and education industries, showcasing his versatility and commitment to leveraging AI for practical and innovative applications.

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Aslan AI's Goals

Laye, a seasoned economist, faced significant challenges in using AI for precise economic analysis and report writing. ChatGPT proved to be inadequate for detailed economic queries, and to make matters worse, the prohibitive costs of developing a personalized AI solution introduced significant financial barriers.

Hoping to leverage AI to streamline his workflow as well as validate the economic feasibility of AI business projects, he turned to CustomGPT.

“From beginning to end of the project, CustomGPT was the solution. With further integration of new features, we might even abandon some tools like Bubble or ChatPDF.”


Founder, Aslan AI

Aslan AI's Approach

Critical for successfully implementing AI in economic science, Laye focused extensively on data curation, organization, prompting, and persona development.

By fully harnessing the capabilities of CustomGPT's user-friendly interface and persona features, he significantly reduced the time and complexity involved in developing a tailored AI solution. He further utilized CustomGPT’s robust FAQ and customer service to upscale his projects.

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Aslan AI's Results

After a mere week of designing, Sébastien's scientific project – deemed EcoBot – was ready. Representing over three million words of his comprehensive knowledge, EcoBot successfully gave users instantaneous and interactive answers to even the most complicated of economic queries. 

The project's success immediately convinced Sébastien of the economic feasibility of AI-powered business projects, and soon after, Aslan AI was born. 

Looking ahead, Laye envisions a future where Aslan AI becomes a key player in the AI strategy consultancy and project implementation industry. 

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Want to try out EcoBot for yourself? Visit sebastienlayeecobot.com and try sending your own query!

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