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Online Legal Services: Doubling Sales and Revolutionizing Customer Service

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Legal Services


Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom


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Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom


"We have been able to reach a lot more customers out of hours and sales have doubled due to the excellent responses given."

- Mark Keenan, CEO & Founder, Online Legal Services Limited


  • Address customer queries outside standard office hours
  • Manage enquiry team workload
  • Enhance customer service and boost sales


  • Six-month training period using company content
  • Soft launch for testing and refinement
  • Hard launch with continuous interaction scoring
  • Developed empathetic legal advisor Custom Persona


  • Sales doubled
  • Effective AI responses in off-hours
  • Expansion plans for AI across business functions (ex. case tracking and client advice)
  • Notable efficiency improvements and enhanced UX

About Online Legal Services

Online Legal Services Limited, founded by Mark Keenan, runs Divorce-Online. This UK-based service offers a quick, affordable, and stress-free online divorce process. For over 20 years, they have helped couples navigate divorce without the high costs of solicitors. Their services include managed divorce, consent orders, and financial settlements, providing support through the entire process.

They emphasize simplicity and cost-effectiveness – using technology to streamline information gathering and updates – making divorce more amicable and less confrontational. They also offer various guides and advice on divorce-related matters.

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Online Legal Services' Goals

CEO & Founder Mark Keenan faced a significant challenge in addressing customer queries. Finding staff to respond to customers outside standard office hours proved difficult and managing the new enquiry team's workload (especially considering absence and overflow) created even more challenges. The company needed to enhance customer service and boost sales through an innovative solution.

Identifying CustomGPT as a potential game-changer due to its low-code, easy to integrate platform, they sought to use the service to implement an AI-driven approach that could enhance their existing live chat platform. The hope was to elevate customer satisfaction, sales, and content quality in one fell swoop.

"Custom GPT has allowed us to build a series of AI assistants for our legal businesses at speed without having to build them ourselves at great cost. We now deploy AI customer service chatbots outside of office hours on 3 websites and have seen a massive increase in leads and sales during these times. Now, we're in the process of deploying AI assistants internally for a whole host of functions."


CEO & Founder, Online Legal Services Limited

Online Legal Services' Approach

Mark and his team's approach involved an extensive six-month training period for CustomGPT. They used their own content and specially written training documents to shape and inform their AI-powered responses. The project was initially soft-launched outside their live chat platform, allowing for extensive tweaking and improvements, before being hard launched in November.

Online Legal Services constantly trains the AI through a system of scoring. By grading the questions and answers from both the AI and humans, they can use the resulting data to further refine the AI agent's Customer Service abilities.

Notably, Online Legal Services took full advantage of CustomGPT's Persona feature to craft a very competent and empathetic legal adviser.

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Online Legal Services' Results

Since introducing CustomGPT, the company has observed a doubling in sales – attributed to the AI's excellent responses during out-of-hours customer interactions.

Encouraged by these results, Mark and his team plan to expand the use of CustomGPT and AI across various legal functions, including support for tracking legal cases, updates, and advice and to an even broader range of business functions like marketing and accounting.

Overall, the company's proactive approach in training and customizing AI tools underscores their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, setting a new gold standard for the legal services industry.

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